Gun Show-Train Show Smack Down

What I remember from a local train show yesterday was the fleam. I hadn’t seen once since running the Ozark Agriculture Museum.            It’s a simple device. They were used to induce bleeding in belief bad blood could be eliminated and health restored. The procedure almost cost the life of our first President.             Luckily medicine has …

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Forest Fires, Naked Rainbows & a New Book

In a murky thicket I’m finishing final edits and additions to Ozark Voices, my oral history book. Several chapters deal with the U.S. Forest Service.          The head of this huge agency was supervisor for the 1.5 million-acre Mark Twain National Forest, headquartered in Rolla, for many years.          Randy Moore has been in the news. He’s supporting a …

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Unmasking the Paranormal Circus: Meditation on the Dark Side

What drew us here, to this scruffy parking lot in a mid-American shopping mall on one of the last nights of summer warmth? Was it the magnificent tent? The luminary appellation? The possibility of something extraordinary right here in our usually sleepy Ozark city?          I woke up at 4 a.m. today pondering our visit, but …

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Trial by Water

It began with a bang. Starting up water service in our cabin, immediately the plastic filter fell to the floor. The tank flooded the basement. Luckily thinking fast, I shut off the supply line. We had turned off the water for winter. Who left the filter off? I picked up the quart-sized plastic vase that …

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Homes & Heavens

Our neighborhood rouses amazing holiday decorations inspiring hope in this crazy time. Helpful when the craziest President ever endangers our future. What inspires people to string lights around their houses? My favorite has its structure outlined in vibrant colors, a twinkling camel and a Snoopy dog waiting by a flashing mailbox for his Christmas cards. …

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