Trial by Water

It began with a bang. Starting up water service in our cabin, immediately the plastic filter fell to the floor. The tank flooded the basement. Luckily thinking fast, I shut off the supply line. We had turned off the water for winter. Who left the filter off? I picked up the quart-sized plastic vase that …

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Homes & Heavens

Our neighborhood rouses amazing holiday decorations inspiring hope in this crazy time. Helpful when the craziest President ever endangers our future. What inspires people to string lights around their houses? My favorite has its structure outlined in vibrant colors, a twinkling camel and a Snoopy dog waiting by a flashing mailbox for his Christmas cards. …

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Monuments New, Old and Possible

The last few days I’ve been finishing a book review for the oral history journal, a collection of essays History, Memory and Public Life, Routledge 2018. Potentially tedious because it’s somewhat dry scholarly stuff. Most deal with monuments from the past, which can be fascinating and surprisingly complex. We have a Confederate general heroically memorialized in …

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